Single Payer in Oregon

Affordable Health Care for All Act HB 3510 & SB 888

The Act would ensure access to affordable, quality health care for all Oregon residents through a comprehensive plan providing payment for medically necessary health services.

Why now?

Recent federal health care reform legislation still does not cover everyone and has no cost controls, but encouraged states to work on innovative pilot programs.  Skyrocketing health care costs are hammering businesses and families, as well as schools and state and local government.

Features of the plan.

  • Comprehensive health benefits for every Oregon resident.
  • Financing will be progressive and equitable and paid into a fund to be used only for health benefits and administration of the plan.
  • No co-payments and no deductibles.
  • Patients can choose their own health care provider.
  • The plan will be administered by a publicly accountable board and operated by the Oregon Health Authority (which now administers existing state health programs.

Security: Quality health care that can never be taken away for any reason: layoffs, employer going out of business, illness or disability, changing jobs, or self employment.

Affordability:  Families and businesses will pay fair, progressive taxes, along with other possible funding sources, but no one will pay deductibles, premiums, or co-pays.  Efficiencies and cost controls will make the plan affordable to individuals, employers, and state and local governments.

Choice:  All Oregon residents will be free to choose the practitioners of their choice.

Universality: The act will provide access to secure, comprehensive, quality health care for every Oregon resident. 

Stability:  Cost controls included in the act will ensure that health care inflation will no longer jeapordize labor contracts, the economic health of companies, the financial security of families, and the delivery of essential government services such as education and public safety.

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