Be a Candidate

For Candidates

Anyone who is interested in running as a Progressive Party candidate for public office should contact us directly and fill out our candidate questionnaires.

The Progressive Party Of Oregon is entitled to place one candidate on the general election ballot for each of the following offices:

  • President of the United States (not in 2014)
  • United States Senator
  • United States Representative (in each of 5 districts)
  • Governor
  • Secretary of State (not in 2014)
  • Attorney General (not in 2014)
  • State Treasurer (not in 2014)
  • State Senator (in each of 30 districts) (15 districts are contested each election year)
  • State Representative (in each of 60 districts)
  • some county commissioners and any other office that is elected on a "partisan" (by party) basis

Note: To run as a Progressive, you do not have to file 70 days prior to the primary election date, as do persons who want to run as Democrats or Republicans. Instead, you have to receive the nomination of the Progressive Party at least 70 days prior to the November general election.

The Progressive Party of Oregon will offers candidates many of the same services that are offered by the major political parties, including:

- Access to the Oregon voter file, including statewide and district lists.

- The ability to download canvassing lists.

- Contact lists of Progressive Party members in your district.