Thanks to Reps. DeFazio and Blumenauer for Sponsoring Constitutional Amendment to Nullify Citizens United and More

July 31, 2015
Contact:  David Delk   503.232.5495

The Oregon Progressive Party commends Oregon U.S. Representatives Earl Blumenauer and Peter DeFazio for recently signing on as co-sponsors of the “We the People” proposed U.S. 28th Constitutional Amendment (HJR 48).

Since the January 2010 U.S. Supreme Court's Citizens United decision much interest has been expressed in Congress and by citizens working at the local and state level in amending the Constitution to address the granting to corporations of the right to freely spend corporate funds on elections campaigns.  The Court did so by concluding that corporations have constitutional rights--that they are in effect human beings with constitutional rights.  

Oregon and 15 other states have now called for a constitutional amendment to at least overturn Citizens United.  The “We the People” proposed amendment would go further by amending the U.S. Constitution to say that corporations are not people and money is not speech. Such an amendment would overturn court decisions going back to Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad (1886), which gave 14th Amendment human rights to corporations, and would include more recent decisions like Buckley v Valeo, First National Bank of Boston v Bellotti, and others.

Our Candidates Did Well in the 2012 General Election

The Oregon Progressive Party's candidates performed well in the 2012 general election.

Minor parties in Oregon are required to run at least one statewide candidate earning 1% or more of the vote. We ran 3 statewide candidates, and all of them exceeded 1%.

Our candidates for U.S. Representative did even better, earning from 3.1% to 4.2%. We cross-nominated the Democrat, Peter DeFazio, in the 4th Congressional District, and he won with 59% of the vote.

Our Candidate   Office Vote
Rocky Anderson
Robert Wolfe
Cameron Whitten
Chris Henry
Steven Reynolds
Woody Broadnax
Peter DeFazio
Secretary of State, Oregon
State Treasurer, Oregon
Attorney General, Oregon
U.S. Representative, 1st Dist
U.S. Representative, 3rd Dist
U.S. Representative, 4th Dist

Also, the candidates we endorsed in non-partisan races did well.  Brad Avakian won the statewide Labor Commissioner race.  Amanda Fritz won re-election to the Portland City Council.

OPP Nominates Candidates, Adopts Party Statement

The Oregon Progressive Party has nominated these 7 candidates for the November 2012 Election:

Rocky Anderson
Robert Wolfe
Cameron Whitten
Chris Henry
Steven Reynolds
Woody Broadnax
Peter DeFazio
  President of the United States
Secretary of State, Oregon
State Treasurer, Oregon
Attorney General, Oregon
U.S. House of Representatives, 1st District
U.S. House of Representatives, 3rd District
U.S. House of Representatives, 4th District

The Party has also adopted this Oregon Progressive Party Statement for the Oregon Voters's Pamphlet.  Here is the Statement of Robert Wolfe.

The Rocky Anderson ticket includes Luis Gonzalez for Vice-President of the United States.  Robert Wolfe, Cameron Whitten, and Chris Henry are exclusively the candidates of the Oregon Progressive Party.  Steven Reynolds has been cross-nominated by the Pacific Green Party and the Libertarian Party of Oregon.  Woody Broadnax has been cross-nominated by the Pacific Green Party.  Peter DeFazio has been cross-nominated by the Democratic Party and by the Working Families Party of Oregon.

3 "Free" Trade Agreements Passed by Congress Today

In what was not a surprise, Congress passed the So. Korea, Panama, and Colombia "Free" trade agreements today in what is being described as a victory for bi-partisanship and the White House.

The votes, in part, were 278 - 151 in the House on the So Korea agreement. In the Senate, the votes were 83-15 So. Korea, 77-22 Panama, and 66-33 Columbia.

Even so, the votes among Democrats in the House was lopsided in opposition. From The Hill, "All three agreements had broad Republican support, while they divided House Democrats. Only 31 Democrats supported the deal with Colombia, while 59 Democrats backed the deal with South Korea and 66 supported the Panama agreement."

Oregonian Reports on Progressive DeFazio's "Tax Rebellion"

December 9, 2010
by Charles Pope

WASHINGTON -- House Democrats on Thursday emphatically rejected the tax deal President Barack Obama forged with Republicans, insisting that no votes be taken on the package until it is substantially changed.

The declaration came in response to a proposal by Rep. Peter DeFazio that the proposal extending for two years tax cuts for all earners -- even the richest Americans -- bill be kept from the House floor until it is reopened and changed.

The near-unanimous voice vote by the Democratic caucus came soon after DeFazio offered his resolution during an early-morning, closed meeting. And while the vote is not binding and is not likely to kill the agreement, it underscored the anger and unhappiness House Democrats have with the deal and the way the White House conducted negotiations.

In arguing for the ban, DeFazio called the bill "inherently defective" because it rewards the richest American and adds $800 billion to the national debt.    Read more ...

Progressive Party Candidate DeFazio Leads the Charge in U.S. Congress Against the Obama Tax Giveaway

The U.S. House of Representatives Democratic Caucus today adopted a resolution by Rep. Peter DeFazio that will stop the Obama tax giveaway bill from going to the floor of the House for a vote. DeFazio appeared on the Oregon ballot this year as the candidate of both the Progressive and Democratic parties. According to The Hill magazine:

"We have tremendous concerns about what was given away by the White House," DeFazio told reporters in the Capitol basement after the vote.

DeFazio said the voice vote was "virtually unanimous," with only one or two members expressing dissent.

"We have given our leadership license to force the Senate and the White House back to the table to get a better deal for the American people," he said.

The full article from The Hill is here:

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