OPP Endorses Bernie Sanders in Democratic Party's Primary

The Oregon Progressive Party (OPP) has endorsed Bernie Sanders for the Oregon Democratic primary election to conclude on May 17.

"Bernie is clearly the most progressive candidate in the Democratic race," said Liz Trojan, a member of the OPP State Council.  "His stances on important issues are quite consistent with our platform."

Here is a summary of the Oregon Progressive Party's Platform

"Bernie is the only candidate in the Democratic Party's primary who is not dependent on big money from Wall Street, fossil fuel companies, drug companies, military contractors, and others who profit from human misery," said OPP Chair David Delk.

"Bernie has been a true progressive for decades and is actually still not a member of the Democratic Party," noted Jason Kafoury, Secretary of OPP.  "He has always been elected as non-affiliated with a political party, and Vermont has no party registration system at all."

Oregon Progressive Party members cannot vote in the Democratic primary, unless they change their registrations to Democratic.  Doing that, however, can jeopardize the continued existence of the Oregon Progressive Party, which needs to maintain a certain level of membership in order to be recognized as a political party under Oregon law.  "If you switch your registration to Democratic in order to vote for Bernie Sanders, please switch it back to "Progressive Party" after the May 17 primary," added Jason Kafoury.

Great Days of Nader / Anderson Events

We've had two great days with Ralph and Rocky in town and we'll have our monthly meeting at our office here starting at 7pm tonight. Below is a sampling of the media. Ralph packed 250 people at noon into Powell's, then had more than 600 people pack into Lewis and Clark to see him debate former Bush admin. official and neo-con Jamie Fly (Ralph won that debate easily)! Today we had a great press conference with Rocky & Ralph (video here) , had an article in Oregonian, two TV channels (KATU and KPTV), and Oregon public broadcasting there.  Then we had a successful rally with Rocky at PSU. This is a great kick-off for the Progressive Party and 2012 Elections let's keep the momentum up and firing...go we go...

Ralph Nader and Rocky Anderson are both in Portland next week!

Event Flyers for Distribution Here

Ralph Nader speaks in Portland on Monday, April 9, at 2 events.  Both are free and open to the public:

Ralph Nader on:  Getting Steamed to Overcome Corporatism
Monday, April 9, 12 noon
Powell's City of Books     1005 W. Burnside

Ralph Nader on:  Future of Military Force in International Peace and Security
Monday, April 9, 7:30pm
Lewis and Clark College    Agnes Flanagan Chapel
0615 SW Palatine Hill Road

Presidential candidate Rocky Anderson, former Mayor of Salt Lake City, speaks in Portland on Tuesday, April 10, at 2 events:

Rocky Anderson speaks at PSU on Occupy, Corporate Corruption and the 2012 Election:  Where do we go for real change?

2:30 pm - 4:00 pm     (doors open 2:00 pm)     Tuesday, April 10
Portland State University

Native American Student Community Center
Gathering Space, Room 110
710 SW Jackson Street
Portland (south edge of PSU campus)
FREE and open to the public

Rocky Anderson worked for equal rights, ending the wars, climate justice, and the impeachment of G.W. Bush during his 8 years as the boldly progressive Mayor of Salt Lake City.  Due to corporate corruption of our government, Rocky left the Democratic Party and is running for President of the United States.  He seeks places on state ballots by petitioning as a non-affiliated candidate and by obtaining nominations from non-major political parties.

His positions on issues closely match those of the Oregon Progressive Party.
Here is his impressive biography:
Here is his Wikipedia page:
Here are some videos of his recent appearances:

Oregon Progressive Party Meeting with Special Guest Rocky Anderson

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm     Tuesday, April 10
320 SW Stark Street     Suite 200
Portland (downtown)

This month's Progressive Party Meeting will feature a discussion with Presidential candidate Rocky Anderson.  Please send any questions you have for Rocky to with the subject header "Question for Rocky."

Should OPP Nominate Rocky Anderson for President 2012?

The State Nominating Panel of the Oregon Progressive Party seeks feedback from party members on the prospect of nominating Rocky Anderson to run as our candidate for President of the United States in the November 2012 election.

Rocky Anderson is actively seeking our nomination.  His positions on issues closely match those of the Oregon Progressive Party.  Ralph Nader favors his candidacy over all others.  If nominated by the Oregon Progressive Party, he has promised to campaign actively in Oregon.

Here is his impressive biography:  Perhaps most impressive is his election and reelection as the notably progressive Mayor of Salt Lake City in a state that has voted all Republican in federal elections for decades and voted for a non-Republican for President only once in the past 60 years (Lyndon Johnson in 1964).

Here is his Wikipedia page:
Here are some videos of his recent appearances:

If you are a member of the Oregon Progressive Party, you can provide feedback by sending email to (with Rocky in the subject) or by posting comments on this item.


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