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Party position on wolf preservation...

I don't have a candidate to suggest - the ones you're supporting are good and all worthy of our votes. However, I would ask that you consider wolf preservation as a Progressive Party platform plank. With so many shoot-it-if-it-moves states surrounding us, the endangered wolves deserve all the help they can get.

Beth Aylworth
Salem, OR

Bernie for President in 2016

I think it would be great to consider nominating Bernie Sanders for President in 2016. Although running as a Democrat, I think his policy positions are very much in line with Ralph Nader, Rocky Anderson, and other progressives.

Bernie is running as a Democrat

Bernie is running as a Democrat. He is not seeking or accepting the nominations of minor parties.

David Schor for Mayor

I'd like to suggest that the Progressive Party endorse David Schor for mayor of Portland.

David Schor for Mayor

We did endorse him several weeks ago.

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